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Your Local Alpharetta Insurance Agency

At Higginbotham, we’re committed to bridging local expertise with insurance solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Our Alpharetta insurance agents work to help bring you peace of mind in your personal and professional life through our insurance and employee benefits solutions. That’s why we’re not just an insurance agency – we’re your partner in protecting what matters most to you.

Founded in 1983, Holman and Company Insurance and Risk Advisors has been serving the Alpharetta community for more than 40 years. Holman and Company became a Higginbotham partner in 2022, allowing our Alpharetta team to keep their business local while gaining access to a national network of insurance, employee benefits, financial and HR resources.

Commercial Insurance for Alpharetta Businesses

Business is the heartbeat of Alpharetta, Georgia, and at Higginbotham, we appreciate the effort and ambition driving each business, no matter its scope, scale or industry. Through our commercial insurance offerings, we aim to protect your organization from the exposures you may face. Our agents take the time to understand your business, allowing us to identify your unique risks and create insurance solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Every industry has unique challenges and insurance needs. Our expertise spans a range of industries, including:

Wood Products Insurance

Branch out with confidence with Higginbotham’s wood products insurance. Our team understands the unique risks faced by sawmills, pallet mills and other manufacturing businesses in the forestry and logging industry, and we work to prevent unexpected challenges like equipment malfunctions or accidents from uprooting your business. And, we go beyond commercial insurance: with our value-added Day Two Services®, we’re here for you year-round with risk management, claims assistance, certificate validation and more services to help keep your wood products manufacturing business firmly planted in success.

Manufacturing Companies

Forge a stronger future for your business and your workers with Higginbotham’s manufacturing insurance services. We understand the nuts and bolts of your industry and design coverage plans that help protect your operations. From safeguarding against equipment breakdowns to managing supply chain risks, we work hard to keep your production lines running smoothly.

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Commercial Real Estate

Unlock a foundation of security with Higginbotham’s specialty commercial real estate insurance offerings. Designed to support the evolving landscape of real estate ownership and management, our policies are designed to help safeguard your properties, your tenants and your business. Whether you own a shopping mall or manage an apartment complex, securing adequate insurance coverage for your commercial property can be challenging, but, with Higginbotham, it doesn’t have to be.

Restaurants and Food Services

Through Higginbotham’s food and beverage services insurance, we’re serving up peace of mind for your restaurant, food truck or commercial culinary venture. We understand the unique risks your business faces from kitchen to table, including spoilage, food-borne illness and worker safety. At Higginbotham, by combining a-la-carte insurance coverage with value-added services like risk management and claims assistance, we’ll create the perfect recipe to help safeguard your food and beverage business.

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Transportation and Distribution

Navigate the road to success with Higginbotham’s transportation and distribution insurance. Tailored for every type of wheel in motion — from large fleets to individual owner-operators — our coverage helps keep your business moving smoothly, no matter the cargo. Our transportation insurance specialists know your industry and offer custom solutions that are built around your unique needs. When you choose Higginbotham, you get more than a commercial insurance broker: you get a partner dedicated to helping to drive your long-term success.

Commercial Insurance Case Studies

Discover the real-world difference that having Higginbotham on your side can make. These business insurance and risk management case studies feature real clients and real success stories from our Alpharetta team, highlighting our commitment to providing tangible benefits and customized solutions to our clients.

Collapse All Expand All

Wood Products Manufacturers

The owner of this large wood products manufacturing operation was concerned about how much it would cost him to rebuild his facility if a catastrophic event were to occur. Our team engaged a certified insurance appraiser to evaluate the facility and determine the full replacement cost. Because of the appraisal, the underwriter included an agreed amount endorsement on the property policy and suspended the coinsurance clause.

The business later suffered a significant fire loss of about $19.5 million to its warehouse and sorting operation. Because a current insurance appraisal was on file with the underwriter and the policy contained the agreed amount endorsement, we were able to reach a favorable settlement with the insurance company and close the claim within 180 days from the date of loss.

Problems Identified and Solutions Provided:

  • Property Valuation: Inspection raised questions on the full replacement cost of the manufacturing facility. Property values were amended to provide full replacement cost based on the certified insured appraisal.
  • Coinsurance Clause: The client’s property policy contained a coinsurance clause that could result in a significant penalty in the event of a property claim. Due to the certified insurance appraisal, the underwriter included coverage endorsement, thereby suspending the coinsurance clause and potential penalty.
  • Rolling Equipment: Many pieces of rolling equipment were not covered in the program. Our team was able to adjust coverage to include this equipment.

Food and Beverage Operations

This food distributor and restaurant franchisor/operator reached out to our team after a new CFO was hired. The previous CFO considered insurance to be a commodity. With less than 45 days before their renewal, our team began the risk management process with exposure identification, which uncovered problem areas that needed to be addressed. We developed an action plan and strategies to handle their current risks, along with developing a plan for future success, ultimately leading to a 65 percent reduction in their insurance costs over a five-year period.

Problems Identified and Solutions Provided:

  • Separate Insurance Companies for Different Lines of Coverage: The program was very fragmented with five different insurers involved, leading to inefficiencies and additional costs incurred by the client. Our team worked with a market-leading insurer to consolidate all lines of coverage, which reduced insurance program premiums and fees.
  • Automobile Liability: The large fleet of distribution vehicles were not covered in the company’s existing excess/umbrella liability program. We were able to fix the excess/umbrella liability program so that coverage applied to the delivery fleet.
  • Transportation/Cargo: The insured engaged in backhauling, and it was discovered that there was no coverage for owned and non-owned goods while being transported. Our team was able to add cargo coverage for owned and non-owned goods while being transported.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Claim frequency and severity had increased the experience modification to 2.11. The current insurance company was not offering renewal. By implementing safety programs and claims review meetings, we assisted in decreasing the client’s experience modification from 2.11 to 0.90 over a five-year period.
  • Franchised & Leased Properties: The client leases real estate to franchise partners and it was discovered that some franchise partners did not have the proper insurance coverage in place. We worked with client’s general counsel to rewrite the insurance requirements for franchise partners and developed a manuscript property form to help cover the client’s contingent liability for leased locations.

Manufacturing Companies

This large manufacturing operation reached out to our team after they acquired one of our long-term clients. The acquiring company had traditionally viewed insurance as a commodity.

Our team began the process with exposure identification, which uncovered both uninsured and underinsured exposures. There was concern that the cost of fixes would nullify any premium savings. Our team helped identify solutions that not only properly protected their assets but reduced their rate structure by over 50 percent.

Problems Identified and Solutions Provided:

  • Property Valuation: Our loss control inspection of the property identified a significant valuation issue. We were able to help the insured increase the property valuation by 340 percent.
  • Coinsurance Penalty: Due to the low valuation, the prior carrier would have charged a significant penalty in the event of a property claim. After the property valuation increase, the carrier was willing to include an agreed value endorsement.
  • Equipment Insurance: Many pieces of rolling equipment and rental equipment were not covered in the program. Our team helped secure coverage for these items.
  • Business Interruption Coverage: Business interruption policy limits were below benchmarked standards for the industry. Our team added an additional $1 million of protection to the policy.
  • Named Insureds: Our team identified issues with the named insureds on policies. We worked with the company through surveys to identify and correct this issue.
  • Cost Savings: We were able to negotiate a rate relief of over 50 percent based on benchmarked industry standards and clarified risks to underwriter.

Personal Insurance in Alpharetta, GA

Your personal insurance needs to fit your lifestyle in our community of Alpharetta, and, as Georgia residents, our agents know the unique coverage needs of our region. We leverage Higginbotham’s relationships with national and regional insurance companies to design a personal insurance policy that’s right for you. From covering your home, car or boat, we’re here to help make sure you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy life in Alpharetta.

Auto Insurance

Getting from point A to B should be a worry-free journey, and car insurance coverage is the first step toward a more peaceful drive. With a variety of Alpharetta auto insurance solutions to choose from, we work closely with you to find a car insurance policy that fits your driving habits and needs for greater protection when you hit the road.

Personal Watercraft and Boats

Whether you own a personal watercraft or a larger boat, having the right insurance is essential for worry-free aquatic adventures. Higginbotham’s watercraft insurance solutions are built around the unique risks that come with enjoying the open waters. Back your boating ventures with watercraft coverage to make your time on the water as enjoyable and secure as possible.

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Life Insurance

At Higginbotham, we offer life insurance and financial solutions that are tailored to meet your family’s needs, providing a range of coverage options that can help give your loved ones a financial safety net during challenging times. From protecting your business operations to creating an estate tax plan, we work with you to craft a life insurance policy and financial plan that aligns with your goals and the well-being of your loved ones.

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Homeowners’ Insurance

Owning a home is a significant milestone, and safeguarding it is crucial. That’s why our homeowners’ insurance solutions are crafted to protect your dwelling and the possessions it houses. And, with additional coverage options to protect valuables like jewelry or a fine art collection, you can discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment and personal property are well-protected.

Renters’ Insurance

Renting an apartment or living in a condo in Alpharetta brings its own set of requirements when it comes to insurance. While your landlord or condo association may have insurance, this typically only covers the building structure and common areas. Our renters’ insurance fills this gap, providing protection for your personal possessions, liability and additional living expenses in case your residence becomes uninhabitable due to covered perils.

Employee Benefits that Empower

Employee benefits are about taking care of your employees and showing them that they’re important members of your team. That’s why our benefit solutions include a range of customizable coverage options that can help contribute to a positive work environment. Whether it’s health, dental or vision insurance, we’re here to assist in crafting benefit plans that help both you and your employees.

Your Partner for Alpharetta Insurance

Higginbotham is more than just an insurance agency; we’re your partner in Alpharetta for insurance and employee benefits. Our approach is straightforward and focused on you. Whether you’re looking for health insurance for your employees or home insurance for your new house, we’re here to provide insurance solutions that make sense. That’s the Higginbotham difference: we start with listening and end with customized solutions built around your needs.

Experience the difference when you have an insurance broker who’s a partner in your success. Talk to a member of our team today.

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Meet Our Alpharetta Team

Bill Holman

Bill is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. After graduating from UGA, he joined his father at Holman and Company as a commercial insurance producer. In 2010, he was named president after purchasing the agency with his two brothers and their father’s business partners.  In 2022, Holman and Company elected to partner with Higginbotham because of their ability to be a single source solution and expand the risk management services available to clients.

Bill focuses on advising larger middle market clients on their property and casualty insurance and risk management needs. He works with a variety of national and international businesses with complex insurance needs, including manufacturers, distributors, real estate owners, contractors, food service and forest products companies. Bill has earned numerous professional designations including Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and Certified Risk Architect (CRA)

He is active in his community, having served on a number of insurance industry boards, along with being a board member for the Metro Atlanta Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Bill and his wife, Joelle, live in Alpharetta and have two grown sons, Davis and Bennett. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, UGA Football and traveling.

Robert “Bob” Holman

Bob attended the University of Georgia, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance in 1992. After working for a financial services firm in Jacksonville, Florida, he began his insurance career in 1993 as a commercial producer at Holman and Company, an independent agency founded by his father, Penn Holman. He holds the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation.

Bob primarily works with commercial middle market clients with complex needs. He has experience with a variety of industries, but some of his focus sectors include real estate, automotive, construction, manufacturing, distribution and nonprofit organizations.

During his 30-year tenure with Holman and Company, his role also expanded to include leading the firm’s employee benefits and personal insurance practices. In 2022, Holman and Company partnered with Higginbotham to strengthen and expand the product and service offerings for their clients. He is now proud to serve as an Executive Vice President and shareholder with Higginbotham.

Bob and his wife, Melissa, reside in Milton, Georgia, with their three daughters, Madeleine, Mercer and Mary Katherine.

Alan Holman

Alan attended the University of Georgia, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. He began his insurance career in 1996 when he joined his family’s Alpharetta insurance agency, Holman and Company.

In 2022, the agency joined the Higginbotham family, further strengthening their ability to provide risk management solutions for their clients.

Alan specializes in commercial insurance programs for a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, distribution, and hospitality industries. He holds a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation.

He is a lifelong resident of Roswell, where he lives with his wife, Page, and their three children, Caroline, Josh and Jake.

John Cole

John is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness. He currently works as a commercial lines producer, focusing on the construction, commercial real estate, manufacturing and transportation sectors. He works with a variety of clients across the country, helping to advise them on their risk management and property and casualty insurance needs.

John and his wife, Anna, currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, and are awaiting the arrival of their first child. In his free time, John enjoys playing golf, hunting and attending UGA football games – Go Dawgs!

Patrick Frame

Patrick is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance. After graduating, he spent 10 years in the commercial real estate industry as an acquisition manager and director of investments, focusing on the acquisition of multifamily properties across the Southeast United States. In these roles, he was responsible for sourcing, underwriting and transacting on new acquisitions, and was involved in the acquisition and disposition of over $11 billion worth of transactions.

Now, as part of the Higginbotham family, Patrick serves as a commercial lines producer and is based out of our Alpharetta office. He currently resides in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife and their two children.

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3655 North Point Parkway, Suite 425 Alpharetta, GA 30005