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Certificate Validation

Manage your vendor risk. Streamline your operations.

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Spotlight on: Certificate Validation

Improper management of insurance certificates can result in out-of-pocket losses and claims with your insurance carrier.

Certificates must be routinely checked with a careful eye to avoid paying claims that you expect the other party’s insurance to cover, but this requires dedicated time and resources. We provide a solution with CertCon Services, Higginbotham’s in-house insurance certificate validation group that protects your financial integrity by verifying that the insurance requirements established in your business agreements and contracts are met by the other parties.

The Higginbotham Difference: Simplified Certificate Management

Tracking and managing insurance certificates is important for any organization that works with contractors, subcontractors, tenants or vendors. But accurate certificate management involves much more time and expertise than most businesses have available in house.

CertCon helps implement industry-specific contracts with your vendors and continually tracks the terms and renewal of their insurance policies to help ensure compliance. For noncompliant parties, we help them fulfill their contractual obligations through prompt follow-up. CertCon’s insurance specialists ease the burden of accomplishing these time-consuming tasks and give you online access to coverage information at a price lower than what you would spend performing these services in house.


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 Certificate Validation Services

Businesses in the oil and gas, construction, property management, health care, transportation and financial lending sectors are good candidates for CertCon’s assistance, but if you require proof of insurance from any supplier group, then you can benefit from CertCon because we:

Request certificates and follow up when information is not supplied

Record information for evaluation and subsequent notices

Analyze certificates for compliance with contracts and other agreements

Send notices of noncompliance and request corrections

Evaluate revised certificates and send subsequent noncompliance notices if necessary

Inform you of insurance statuses, including compliance and other pertinent coverage information via a secure online portal

Stay On Top of Your Vendor Risk

CertCon gives you online access to compliance information so you can:

Monitor insurance compliance

Request adds, deletes and data changes

Create and download status reports

Request waiver of vendor requirements

Send vendor communications

Meet Our Certificate Validation Practice Leader

Rick Carson, Director of Operations of CertCon Services, Inc., a division of Higginbotham, has been involved in the certificate of insurance and contract management since 1994. His education was in construction, and he worked for a prominent general contractor in Fort Worth for 14 years after college. However, his father, who had an oil & gas insurance agency, realized there was a need for a service to help his clients make sure their contractors carried the insurance required by their master service agreements. Knowing Rick had computer programming knowledge, he convinced Rick to leave construction and come to his oil & gas insurance agency to create a program to track certificates of insurance for his client’s contractors and subcontractors. Rick agreed and created maybe the first program to provide the service of monitoring certificates of insurance for compliance.

Rick’s father ended up at Higginbotham to start their oil and gas division and told them about the service Rick had created and was running at his previous company. They thought it sounded like a valuable tool. They brought Rick over after he created a new and better database to handle tracking, managing, analyzing, etc., certificates of insurance for their clients. It also helps in implementing master service agreements for the energy industry.

Rick has over 25 years of experience verifying insurance requirements based on submitted certificates of insurance and required endorsements such as additional insured, waiver of subrogation, primary, etc. His team has a combined 38 years of experience in the field.

The primary industries CertCon serves are Oil and Gas, Property Management, Commercial Construction, Restaurants Franchisors, and Homebuilders. Other industries that have the same need for tracking certificates of insurance will also probably be able to be accommodated.

Director of Operations
Rick Carson
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Rest easy with CertCon in your corner.

When you outsource to CertCon, you can be confident that the responsibility of properly managing your vendor, tenant and subcontractor risk is in the hands of qualified professionals.

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