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Claims Advocacy

Support when you need it the most.

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Here When It Matters Most

Beyond the design and placement of your insurance, we’re here for you when your insurance really matters.

When you experience a loss, we manage the entire claims process so you can focus on resuming normal business operations. We serve as your advocate from reporting a loss through resolution so your claims are handled promptly and fairly by the companies providing coverage.

Report a Claim

Loss Reporting

When you experience a liability, property or any other claim, our team gathers the facts to determine your rights under your insurance coverage and report the occurrence to your insurance carrier.

Catastrophe Support

Our toll free phone line is monitored 24/7 to get a jump start on processing your claims so you can resume normal business and personal operations as quickly as possible. We also proactively reach out to you during catastrophes like weather emergencies to assess damages, connect you with repair service providers and report claims to your insurance carriers.

Claim Management

We methodically track the status of your claim and notify you of new developments to keep you in the loop. We provide support and guidance throughout the claim settlement process to take the burden off you and see that your claim is paid quickly and fairly.

Coverage Advocacy

The primary objective of our claims team is to help you receive all of the benefits of the coverage you purchased in the event of a loss. That means we study your policies and address areas of concern with the adjuster to help you achieve the best possible settlement with your insurance carrier.

Claim Consulting

Insurance policies are often hard to decipher, making the thought of reporting a claim daunting. Our licensed adjusters provide answers so you understand the documentation of a loss and the payment of your claim.

Vendor Selection Assistance

Sometimes you need expert resources when you experience a claim. Whether you seek an accountant, engineer or lawyer, we have referrals to reputable, qualified experts.

Litigation Support

While most claims are resolved in a fair and agreeable manner, our team can assist you through any appraisal, mediation or litigation process in unresolved disputes because we understand the conditions of your policy.

Claims Review and Data Analysis

We analyze your claims history to identify trends and areas in your current loss experience where Higginbotham’s risk management programs can help you avoid future losses. You receive scheduled claims reviews and reserves reports to keep you informed of open claims statuses and resolutions, the economic impact of your losses and trends within your industry. We also evaluate your experience modifier for accuracy, forecast future mods and validate your workers’ compensation rate. Whether you prefer quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports, we develop a service plan that keeps your claims in check.

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