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Human resources services built around your needs.

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Spotlight on: HR Outsourcing

Expand your HR capacity without hiring a full-time employee.

Your business is growing. So are its needs. If you need help with your employees, Higginbotham HR services is here.

HR outsourcing is a great way to increase your depth of experience and human resources capacity without incurring the cost of adding a full-time position.

With more than two decades of experience in HR consulting, we can help fill existing gaps while you build out your team to take on those responsibilities.

What is HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is a service where businesses hire external HR professionals to manage all or some of their HR functions, such as payroll processing or exit interviews. It offers flexibility for companies to augment their HR operations with specialized support without the overhead of a full-time position.

For many companies, the easiest HR tasks to outsource are usually more administrative or transactional in nature. Some examples of administrative human resource functions include payroll processing, exit interviews and FMLA management, among others.

With Higginbotham, you can choose the level of HR support your organization needs, whether that’s occasional assistance or full-service HR outsourcing.

Is HR administration outsourcing the right fit for my organization?

Whether you run a growing small business or an enterprise organization looking to improve human resource capabilities without adding employees, HR outsourcing can be an attractive solution for many reasons. Perhaps the most intriguing of these reasons is ROI. 

While your situation and use case is unique, most organizations turn to HR outsourcing to better enable their in-house HR team to focus on more strategic activities. On the other hand, for HR teams looking for more strategic support, HR consulting can be a valuable solution. 

In determining whether HR outsourcing is a good fit for your company, ask these questions:
  • Will the addition of outsourced HR talent disrupt my in-house HR team and its current operation?
  • Does my company have sufficient HR management capacity to manage outsourcing of HR functions?
  • Are my company values clearly established? Do we have a mission statement?
  • Do we have the budget available to pay for our desired outsourced HR solution(s)?
  • Does our specific use case merit human resources outsourcing?

Tailored HR service plans designed for your needs.

Talk to a seasoned HR consultant today to learn how Higginbotham’s human resource outsourcing services can evolve your business.

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Why Higginbotham HR services?

Because you care about your employees, and we care about your business.

At Higginbotham, we want to be a partner in your continued success.

That’s why our seasoned team of HR professionals starts with listening and ends with customized solutions built for your needs. We take the time to learn your business by name, need and nuance to help deliver the best options for your situation, your employees and your business.

Our transparent approach to human resources outsourcing takes the headaches out of meeting and maintaining compliance, managing employees and preparing for what’s coming next.

Because when you lead with values, value leads.

To learn more about how our values-based approach creates value for you and your business, click here.


Find Out What Higginbotham HR Services Can Do for Your Business

If you’re interested in HR outsourcing, but aren’t sure you have the budget to support contracting a full-time human resource professional, Higginbotham’s approach may be a perfect fit for your business. 

From payroll to benefits administration, reporting and other crucial HR functions, Higginbotham’s HR professionals are here to help.

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HR Outsourcing Services

HR outsourcing can take many different shapes, ranging in scope from hiring out a single function to assembling full-scale external capabilities.

From small businesses looking for simple HR services, like payroll processing or administration, to enterprise-level companies interested in advanced HR outsourcing beyond the scope of what can be managed by your in-house HR department, we can do it all. Our HR services team designs tailored human resources and risk management solutions to fit your business needs across the board.

For companies looking to outsource human resources, Higginbotham’s HR programs enable you to select from an extensive menu of a-la-carte outsourced HR functions. Whether you need an extra hand with staffing or full-scale human resources outsourcing, we are here to help.

Payroll Administration

From processing payments and assisting employees with pay issues to managing changes in withholding, timecard corrections, pay rates, employee information and more, payroll can be a huge administrative burden for a small to medium sized business. When you add garnishments, child support, levies and bankruptcy orders to the equation, payroll administration can quickly overwhelm your HR and accounting team.

Higginbotham HR services offers turnkey payroll solutions to help streamline your processes and free your people up to concentrate on growing your business.

Learn More About Higginbotham’s Payroll Services

Benefits Administration

The day-to-day tasks required to competently and compliantly manage your employee benefits can be a full-time job. If you need help with your benefits administration, but don’t want to incur the cost of another employee, our outsourcing solutions are here to help. Higginbotham can help with everything from open enrollment and claims resolution to bill reconciliation, audits, EDI feeds, qualified medical support orders and more. 

Our benefit admin solutions can dramatically lighten your load at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee.

Hiring, Pre-Hire Administration and Onboarding

Create a more seamless hiring and onboarding experience by outsourcing HR pre-hire administration and onboarding tasks. From background checks and drug screenings to job description development and orientation programming, our dedicated team works to help your business and your new team members start off on the right foot.

Learn More About Higginbotham’s Onboarding Services

Leave of Absence and FMLA Administration

Our FMLA and leave of absence services are designed to help businesses manage employee leaves efficiently and in compliance with all relevant regulations. This can include handling various leave types including FMLA, state-level, military and employer-specific leaves. With a focus on easing the HR workload, our team works to create an effective leave management process, from intake to tracking and coordination, helping to create a smoother transition for both employers and employees.

Learn More About Higginbotham’s FMLA and Leave of Absence Services

Offboarding Services and Exit Interviews

If your organization lacks the time, bandwidth or experience to conduct proper exit interviews, Higginbotham offers offboarding assistance to help support your company.

Whether you need us to create, review and update exit interview forms and protocols or prefer one of our human resource specialists to assist directly via email or phone, working with Higginbotham brings these crucial HR functions to your fingertips.

HR Document Audits

If your business needs help auditing personnel files or I-9s for employees, our outsourced HR team can assist on any level of involvement you need.

Bilingual HR Support

Our HR outsourcing team includes bilingual (Spanish and English) HR professionals who are prepared to help bridge communication gaps in multilingual workplaces. By offering bilingual support for onboarding, benefits and other HR functions in multiple languages, your company can facilitate smoother and clearer communication.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Your organization is not the same as the business down the street. That’s why we offer a wide range of a-la-carte services to help satisfy your unique needs.

While we recommend designing your HR service plan with the help of a tenured professional, a-la-carte solutions may be the right fit for your organization if you want to outsource specific tasks or processes to allow your HR team to focus on other functions. Whether you need help with remote employee payroll, pre-hire drug screenings or anything in between, Higginbotham’s HR outsourcing team can help you get it done.

Software as a Service (SaaS) HR Outsourcing


While outsourcing HR can be a great way to better serve your employees and get your business up to speed with current employment regulations, we understand some companies simply don’t have the budget to hire an HR consultant.

Fortunately, Higginbotham offers several outsourced HR services as software (SaaS). Some of our available SaaS functions include payroll services, benefit deductions, performance management and HR task automation.

The Value of Single Source HR Outsourcing

At Higginbotham, we understand working with outside service providers can be overwhelming. From vetting HR outsourcing companies to comparing bids and making a decision, many small business owners and executive leaders simply don’t have enough time in their day to tackle HR outsourcing alone.

That’s why we offer the same single source solution for outsourcing human resources that we offer our business insurance, employee benefits and personal insurance clients.

With our HR team in your corner, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with a team of seasoned subject matter specialists who will rest at nothing to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Human Resource Strategy Consulting

Just because many companies find the best ROI in outsourcing administrative HR responsibilities doesn’t mean your business wouldn’t benefit from outsourcing more strategic HR needs.

Perhaps your in-house HR team is more comfortable handling administrative human resource functions and would prefer support in HR business strategy development. 

It’s crucial to consider your current capacity and bandwidth before outsourcing HR services. If you aren’t sure, our human resources consulting team will help answer your questions. 

Regardless of whether you need administrative or strategic support, Higginbotham HR services is in your corner.

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