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Insurance Brokers Who are Principled, Perceptive and Personal

A single source solution inspired by your needs.

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You deserve solutions that are built for you.

Your needs are unique. That’s why Higginbotham starts with listening and ends with tailored insurance, financial and HR services designed to address your risks, budget and situation.

We’re not about numbers. We’re about helping you see your future and plan the best way to get there.

You inspired.

What makes your experience with Higginbotham different than with other providers? We put you at the center of everything we do.

Employee owned and customer powered, we make caring for you our business. That’s why we know you not just by name, but by nuance. That’s why we take the time to understand your priorities and work tirelessly to help you get the most out of your coverage.

And that’s why we proactively advocate in your best interest, getting you the most competitive prices today, and delivering year-round value throughout the life of your policy.

By making policies personal, we help you accomplish more.

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The Higginbotham Difference

Day Two Services®: With You Every Day of our Partnership

Insurance, financial and HR services are more valuable when they consider your specific needs. That’s why we work hard to understand your priorities so we can get you covered on day one and provide year-round value with our Day Two Services®.

From risk management and claims advocacy to benefit plan design and administration, the specialists at Higginbotham are here to turn your uncertainties into possibilities.

Whether it’s helping you prevent and minimize loss or supporting your business with administrative help, our goal is to maximize your time and minimize your hassle.

With an annual service timeline so you know what to expect and when to expect it, we make our service personal so you can worry less and accomplish more.

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With You At Every Step

Why Choose Higginbotham


You get a partner who takes the time to learn your goals.

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You get an experienced team that will assess risk and reward in your unique situation so you have peace of mind.


You get a single source solution for insurance, financial and HR services that meets your unique needs.


You get a long-term partner who is always a phone-call away.

Join Higginbotham: Become a Partner

When values lead, great partnerships follow.

Our approach to finding the best partners is more individual and less institutional. We look at geography. We look at size. But most importantly, we look at culture. As a company committed to transparency and authenticity — we look for partners who share these beliefs. Because while financials and numbers are important, ensuring they’re backed by genuine care matters more.

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We’re a value and values leader. Care to follow?

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Driven by Values

Invested in the Communities We Serve

Community Inspired

Our values drive us. And our neighborhoods inspire us. That’s why we make it our mission to be generous to our communities. After all, it’s our communities that give our company and our clients the opportunities to not only do business, but to grow business. That’s why we can’t help but give back — to communities, to their people, and sometimes, to the world.

The Higginbotham Community Fund

For over a decade, our Higginbotham Community Fund has engaged employees in philanthropy. Dedicated to creating a larger impact in the communities we serve, our community fund pools employee donations from across our firm to support causes dear to our hearts. Higginbotham employees have given millions of dollars and countless hours to community organizations and initiatives. The impact of our community fund is as far-reaching as our locations.

Not sure where to start? Talk to someone who wants to listen.

A great plan starts with a conversation. Let’s talk about what you need.

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