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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Your employees power our communities. We work tirelessly to keep them going at full capacity.

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Spotlight on: Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance, or workers’ comp, can help pay for the costs of an employee or contractor injury on the job.

Some eligible expenses include medical bills, ongoing care, rehabilitation and, in some cases, even lost wages. In the event of an employee fatality, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover the costs of a funeral and compensation for the worker’s family.

If you face an injury-related lawsuit, workers’ compensation coverage may cover legal expenses from a work-related injury lawsuit filed by an employee.

The Higginbotham Difference: A Broker Who Cares

At Higginbotham, we make caring for your business our business, constantly looking for avenues to bring you peace of mind.

Our seasoned insurance and risk management specialists take the time to know you by name and nuance, delivering a workers’ compensation policy that meets the unique needs of your organization and workforce.

But our work doesn’t stop after your workers’ compensation coverage is placed. Higginbotham’s Day Two Services® deliver year-round value by helping you control your risks and eliminate inefficiencies.

Because while insurance is our something, our customers – and their employees – are our everything.

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Making sure you have the most effective insurance plan can be daunting. Not with us in your corner. With our nationwide network of insurance carriers and decades of experience, we’ll get you the custom coverage you need.

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We are in the business of providing service to, and being a resource for, our clients, so when we find a company that stands out in terms of service, we not only use those services in our firm, but also recommend those resources to clients and friends. Higginbotham stands out in all of those areas.

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How does workers’ compensation coverage work?

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help protect an employer against many of the financial risks associated with having employees.

The most expensive liability involved with employing other people can be the cost of a lawsuit. 

Workers’ comp coverage helps with the expenses of making things right if something goes wrong and an employee is physically injured. From medical expenses to wage reimbursement, this coverage is intended to make sure an injured employee is taken care of in the interest of avoiding a costly lawsuit. 

If you’re a believer in Murphy’s law, you know it’s only a matter of time before your business experiences a workplace injury.

Do I need workers’ compensation insurance?

In many states, businesses with employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. While specific rules and regulations vary, almost every state has some form of workers’ comp law. Even in situations where it’s not legally required, Higginbotham typically advises our clients with employees to consider placing coverage.

Considering that OSHA estimates employers nationwide pay an average of nearly $1 million a week in direct workers’ compensation liabilities, the cost of a workers’ comp insurance policy is often worth the benefit.

Businesses that fail to comply with workers’ compensation requirements for their region can be subject to fines, penalties and jail time, in addition to the damages sought by an injured employee.

If you’re still unclear on whether workers’ compensation insurance makes sense for your business, Higginbotham is here to help. Our team of business insurance specialists are standing by to answer your questions. 

You should consider carrying workers’ comp insurance if your business:

Has Part-time or Full-time Employees

Is Planning to Hire Employees

Hires Subcontractors to Help with Jobs

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Are there any injuries not eligible for coverage?

Workers’ comp is designed to help protect you from an accident in which your business operation was at fault. However, if an employee injury is caused by negligence on behalf of an employee, workers’ comp is unlikely to cover it. 

Examples of injuries that may not be covered include those involving:  

  • A Fight in Which the Injured Party was the Aggressor  
  • Activities Outside of the Workplace or Job Site 
  • An Employee Who was Previously Terminated 
  • An Intentionally Self-inflicted Action 

This list isn’t exhaustive, and in certain cases, one of these scenarios could be covered. The best way to make sure you fully understand the workers’ compensation protections available to your business is with the help of an insurance specialist. 

How much does workers’ comp insurance cost?

Unlike other types of insurance, the cost of workers’ compensation coverage is not shared with employees. As the employer, you are responsible for the full cost of workers’ compensation insurance. 

But considering the catastrophic impact an uncovered workplace injury could have on your business, the cost of carrying workers’ comp coverage is well worth the benefits it provides. Much like the other coverages Higginbotham offers, the cost of workers’ compensation insurance depends on your business operation’s specifics. Every business has different needs and risks.

We tailor our coverages to your unique situation to help ensure we deliver the protection you need at a price that makes sense. 

You deserve an insurance partner that works as hard as you do. 

Risk Management Services

At Higginbotham, we take a consultative approach to customer service and risk management.

Whether you have a single policy, a commercial package or many insurance policies covering multiple locations and risks, we take the time to understand your unique needs so we deliver the best coverage at the best price available.

But we don’t stop there.

Our work continues 365 days a year. We have a Day Two Services® team that works in tandem with our risk management specialists to deliver year-round value.

From help with compliance to safety audits and claims advocacy, our Day Two Services® team helps you mitigate risks, avoid costly claims and better position your operations so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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