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Group Dental Insurance

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Spotlight on: Group Dental Insurance

Work with an employee benefits specialist who works for you.

Group dental plans can help pay for dental care expenses for your employees.

Employer-sponsored dental insurance can save your employees money on both premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, often increasing job satisfaction and improving retention along the way.

With job-based dental coverage from Higginbotham, you’ll enjoy:

  • A local broker who takes the time to get to know your business
  • Coverage designed around the actual needs of your business and employees
  • A team of seasoned insurance professionals standing by to answer your employees’ questions
  • A business with national reach and a personal touch

Why Higginbotham?

Group dental plans do more than help pay for dental care expenses for your employees; they give employees peace of mind.

That’s why our approach to finding solutions comes with humanity—and without compromise. Employee owned and customer inspired, we have the freedom to do what’s right for your business. And we know from experience that an employer-sponsored dental insurance plan can save your employees money on both premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, which increases their loyalty to your company.

No matter what employee benefits you’d like to consider, our prices are competitive, our fees are clear and our deep industry relationships allow us to go above and beyond while delivering year-round value.

To learn more about how our values-based approach drives value for you and your employees, click here.

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Group Dental Plans from Higginbotham

The term “group dental plan” can refer to several different kinds of employer-provided benefits.

With a portion of the cost carried by a business or employee organization, these employee benefit plans help pay for dental care for employees and their dependents by way of insurance, expense reimbursement or other means.

Some examples of financing options available to employers include:

  • Fully-insured Dental
  • Self-Funded Dental

Typically, employers can also decide between an employer-paid approach in which the employer pays the majority of the cost, or voluntary approach in which the employee is responsible for the cost.

I recently purchased yet another policy through my long-time friend at Higginbotham. They are simply the best!

Kelly C.
Investor, Real Estate Industry

Group dental plans are usually available in two common varieties.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO)

While a dental preferred provider organization plan, or DPPO, can be considerably more flexible than a dental health maintenance organization plan, or DHMO, they’re often more expensive.

Rather than require the election of a primary dentist, a DPPO plan allows employees to visit any in-network dentist or oral care specialist of their choosing.

A DPPO doesn’t require a primary dentist referral as a prerequisite to visiting a specialist and may extend some degree of coverage for out-of-network service providers.

That said, out-of-network services often carry higher out-of-pocket costs.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Often the less expensive of the two group coverage options, a DHMO limits eligible dental service providers to a predetermined network of dentists and orthodontists.

After signing up for a DHMO dental plan, employees must select a primary dentist.

This primary dentist will perform the majority of preventive care, routine dental work and maintenance, referring in-network dentists approved by the dental insurance carrier for oral surgeries and other procedures that require a dental specialist.

For example, if employees need to see an oral surgeon on a DHMO plan, they would need to schedule an appointment with their primary dentist to confirm the need and refer them to an in-network service provider.


Group Dental Benefits

Group dental insurance plans can be a cost-effective way to help take care of your employees’ dental needs, improve employee satisfaction and increase employee retention. In addition to these advantages, group plans can also incur tax benefits for your business.

Specifically, employer contributions to a group health plan are considered “pre-tax” income, enabling participating businesses to offset payroll and income tax when it comes time to calculate liability.

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