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Insurance Solutions in Lebanon, TN

At Higginbotham in Lebanon, Tennessee, we understand the importance of protecting what matters most to you. As part of one of the nation’s leading independent insurance brokerages, our team specializes in providing insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

J.M. Insurance Agency was founded in 2012 as a commercial and personal insurance, bonds and employee benefits firm before joining Higginbotham in 2022. As a Higginbotham partner and a Lebanon insurance agency, our team combines local knowledge with robust resources to offer a single source solution for insurance and employee benefits.

Lebanon Commercial Insurance

As a business owner or manager, you understand that a single loss can significantly impact your operations. That’s why our business insurance and risk management services are personalized to meet your company’s needs, priorities and challenges.

We have specialists with knowledge of a variety of commercial insurance sectors offering customized insurance products, including:

Workers’ Compensation

Protect your employees and your business with workers’ compensation insurance. We help you meet legal obligations and safeguard your team through customized policies that provide support to injured employees.

Surety Bonds

Safeguard your business with surety bonds. Our bond solutions help strengthen your organization’s relationships with clients and partners, fostering credibility and trust in your business.

Business Liability Insurance

Help minimize financial losses with business liability insurance. We tailor policies based on the needs, exposures and operations of your organization. Whether you need general liability insurance, cyber security coverage or employment practices liability insurance, our team in Lebanon works diligently to help protect your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

For added peace of mind, commercial umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage beyond that covered by your existing policies, helping your business remain resilient in the face of significant claims.

Entertainment Insurance

In show business, an industry that’s always changing its tune, we offer specialized entertainment insurance coverage that keeps up with your unique needs. From performers to producers, our policies help protect against the inherent risks of your profession.

Restaurant Insurance

Serve up success with our restaurant insurance solutions. Our team knows the particular risks  inherent in the food service industry, and we work alongside some of the nation’s best insurance carriers to help protect your establishment.

Lebanon Employee Benefits Solutions

At Higginbotham, we recognize the importance of providing your team with the right employee benefits package, and that’s why we help you make informed decisions about your company’s offerings. We work with you to create a benefits plan that’s customized to meet your organization’s needs, budget and regulatory requirements.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Promote a healthy and productive workplace with our population health management and wellness programs. Higginbotham offers a range of tools and resources designed to empower your employees to lead healthier, more active lives, reduce health care costs and enhance overall job and life satisfaction.

Benefit Communications and Employee Education

Effective communication is key to maximizing the value of your benefits package. Higginbotham provides comprehensive and customized benefit communications and employee education resources to help your team fully understand their benefits options. We help you develop materials, workshops and strategies to help your employees make educated choices about their benefits.

Employee Response Center

Your employees deserve support when they have questions or need assistance with their benefits. Higginbotham’s in-house Employee Response Center provides prompt and personalized assistance to answer employees’ questions, resolve issues and save time and money for your HR team.

Compliance and Administration

Navigating the complex world of employee benefits compliance can be a daunting task. That’s why Higginbotham helps you stay on top of regulatory requirements, assists with benefits administration tasks and helps keep your employee benefits program compliant with applicable laws.

Health Insurance

Taking care of your employees starts with the well-being of your team. Higginbotham offers a range of health insurance options for individuals and families alike. From PPO policies to group health insurance, our team in Lebanon is dedicated to finding health insurance solutions that work for your organization.

Disability Insurance

Protect your employees’ income with disability insurance. The plans we offer provide partial wage replacement in the event of illness or injury that prevents your employees from working. It’s a vital benefit that helps your team focus on recovery without worrying about financial hardships.

Dental Insurance

Keep your employees smiling by helping them maintain good oral health through dental insurance coverage. With both group and voluntary coverage options, you can enhance your organization’s benefits without adding significant costs.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance offers another means of enhancing your employee benefits offering without a substantial cost increase. Higginbotham offers group and voluntary vision insurance plans, giving you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your team and your organization.

Group Voluntary Benefits

Elevate your employee benefits package with group voluntary benefits. These options allow employees to select additional coverages, such as critical illness, personal accident or life insurance, allowing your employees to customize their benefits to meet their individual needs.

Retirement Planning and 401(k)

Secure your employees’ financial future with retirement planning and 401(k) options. We offer a number of employer- and employee-based retirement solutions that can help your team members save for a comfortable retirement that suits their personal goals.

Protect Your Future with Higginbotham

Rooted in our community and united in our values, Lebanon’s Higginbotham team serves the area’s individuals and businesses to protect the things that matter most to our central Tennessee neighbors. As a local independent insurance agency backed by Higginbotham’s national network, we offer a full suite of personal insurance, employee benefits, business insurance, human resources and financial services. Contact us today and discover the Higginbotham difference.

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1633 W Main Street, Building 800, Lebanon, TN 37087