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Insurance Solutions in Odessa, TX

At Higginbotham, we understand that your insurance needs are unique. That’s why our team in Odessa is committed to providing comprehensive coverage options tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need protection for your home, vehicle, business assets or employees’ well-being, our experienced professionals are dedicated to safeguarding what matters most to you.

Our Odessa office has a rich history dating back to 1986 when Pauline Appel founded it as a family-owned independent insurance agency. After joining Higginbotham in 2014, our Odessa team now combines their localized knowledge with Higginbotham’s national resources.

Home and Auto Insurance Coverage

When it comes to protecting your home and vehicle investments in Odessa, Higginbotham is by your side every step of the way. Our range of personal insurance solutions help you secure the coverage that’s best suited to your individual needs. These offerings include, but aren’t limited to:

Car Insurance

Reliable auto insurance coverage is essential for navigating the roads of Odessa with confidence. From liability limits required by Texas law to additional protections such as collision coverage or roadside assistance, our experienced team will work closely with you to determine the best car insurance policy for your needs and your priorities.

Homeowners’ Insurance

Your home is more than just four walls; it’s where cherished memories are made. Safeguard this asset with a customized homeowners’ insurance policy from Higginbotham. We work with national insurance carriers to secure coverage that’s designed to help protect you from unforeseen events like fire, damage or theft, helping to give you and your loved ones greater peace of mind.

Life Insurance

If you have people who depend on you, life insurance can help you to protect their future. Our insurance and financial services specialists get to know you by name and nuance, allowing us to recommend policy options that best suit your unique situation.

Commercial Insurance in Odessa, TX

In the business landscape of western Texas, having comprehensive protection for your business is vital. Our team of experts provides business insurance solutions that are designed to protect your company’s assets and mitigate potential risks. We offer a wide range of coverage options tailored to various industries, including:

Oil and Gas Insurance

From exploration to production activities, Higginbotham offers comprehensive oil and gas insurance solutions for the energy industry. Our expertise includes commercial property protection, liability coverage, pollution liability, workers’ compensation and claims management, as well as risk management strategies specific to this sector.

Insurance for Schools and Public Entities

Ensuring adequate protection for schools and public entities is crucial in today’s litigious environment. We provide tailored insurance packages that address the unique risks faced by educational institutions such as schools or colleges along with municipal bodies such as cities or counties.

Medical Practice Insurance

Medical professionals require specialized coverage solutions due to the distinct risks associated with their field. With our medical practice insurance offerings, we help to safeguard healthcare providers against risks ranging from professional liabilities that may arise from malpractice claims to coverage for equipment damage or theft.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farmers are an integral part of Odessa’s economy, making their need for comprehensive farm and ranch insurance coverage paramount. Whether you have a family-owned cattle ranch or manage commercial farming operations across the country, we’ll tailor your commercial insurance policy to meet the needs of your and your organization.

Employee Benefits Solutions

We understand the significance of providing competitive employee benefits plans to help attract and retain top talent in Odessa, TX. Our employee benefits services include:

Health Insurance Plans

Take care of your employees’ well-being with our range of health insurance plans that offer access to healthcare services for individuals and families alike. And, supplement this coverage with employer-provided or voluntary coverage for dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance and more.

Retirement Planning and 401(k) Options

Help your employees secure their financial future with Higginbotham’s retirement planning solutions and 401(k) options that are designed to help them save for their golden years with confidence.

Employee Benefit Communications

Clear communication is key when it comes to successfully managing employee benefit programs. Our dedicated team can assist in creating effective employee benefit communications materials that educate your team on their available benefits options while maximizing participation rates.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Promote a culture of wellness within your organization through our customized corporate wellness programs. These initiatives aim to improve overall employee health, reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. Our Population Health Management specialists provides strategic insights to help you better manage the overall well-being of your workforce.

COBRA, FSA and HRA Administration

Managing employee benefits, particularly overseeing benefit administration and current regulations, can be time-consuming. Higginbotham takes this load off your team by administering your organization’s FSAs and HRAs and managing compliance with relevant laws such as COBRA.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage in Odessa

Our team in Odessa combines Higginbotham’s national network with deep roots in the Odessa community and knowledge of local industries and risks. We’re dedicated to helping individuals, families and businesses in our community, and it shows in our offerings and services.

When it comes to protecting what matters most, choose Higginbotham as your trusted partner. Our Odessa insurance team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and find solutions that fit within your budget without compromising coverage. Whether you require car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, retirement planning, commercial insurance or any other specialized coverage – we’re here to help.

Experience the Higginbotham difference firsthand by partnering with a brokerage that values you as an individual.

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4800 E. University Blvd., Suite B Odessa, TX 79762