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Oil and Gas Insurance

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Spotlight on: Energy Industry Insurance

Protecting what powers us.

From solar panels to petroleum, electric to gas and windmills to oil, energy is what keeps us moving forward.

At Higginbotham, we harness this power to provide comprehensive coverage solutions tailored specifically to businesses operating within the energy sector, such as oil and gas companies.

With our deep industry knowledge, risk management strategies and relationships with national insurance carriers, we craft commercial insurance programs that address the needs of your business. From exploration to restoration, we’re there for you every step of the way.


Oil and Gas Insurance in Texas

Texas is home to some of the nation’s largest oil and natural gas hubs.

While Houston has dominated the worldwide list, areas like the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Austin, Dallas, Odessa and San Antonio have also emerged as important centers in the energy industry.

All of these energy hubs are cities in which Higginbotham operates locally to serve oil and gas companies. Our brokers have a keen understanding of the industry’s distinctive exposures and how to treat them—expertise that’s unmatched by general lines insurance agencies.

That’s why the San Antonio Pipeliners Association (SAPA) awarded us its exclusive endorsement for oil and gas industry insurance in 2016. We can reduce SAPA members’ insurance costs with a top-rated insurance carrier.

Whatever your oil and gas insurance needs, Higginbotham has you covered in Texas and beyond.

The Higginbotham Difference: Driven By What Drives You

Expertise fuels us. So do values. And we bring both to the oil and natural gas companies we serve. Texas born and based, we are where your business is: Houston. Permian Basin. Eagle Ford Shale. Austin. Dallas. San Antonio.

Accountable to our clients and their oil and natural gas communities, our energy insurance professionals have decades of concentrated experience in oil and gas insurance and claims. Our know-how knows. It knows your industry’s unique exposures. And it knows how to mitigate them with tailored insurance and risk management services.

Our approach to finding solutions is more individual and less institutional. We work hard to understand your priorities so we can get you covered on day one and provide year-round value with our Day Two Services® that support your risk management efforts. By committing to transparency while demonstrating authenticity, we’re a place that leads with values so value leads.


Ready to work with a partner who works as hard as you do?

The risks faced by owners and operators in the energy industry and complex and vast.

You need insurance built for the specifics of your operation.

At Higginbotham, we start with listening and end with custom insurance and risk management strategies tailored to your needs.

With our deep industry understanding, innovative solutions and strong nationwide insurance carrier relationships, we have the freedom to do what’s right, right now.

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Who We Serve

Our dedicated energy insurance team comprises seasoned professionals, many of whom have grown up within the oil and gas industry, and all of whom have concentrated experience in oil and gas insurance and claims serving companies such as:

Pipeline Maintenance and Construction

Oil and Gas Compressor Stations

Lease Operators

Water Filtration Service Operators

Oil and Gas Well Plugging

Oilfield Chemical Sales and Distribution

Oilfield Cleaning and Swabbing

Oilfield Electrical

Oilfield Equipment Repair

Oilfield Machine and Fabrication

Oilfield and Oil Tank Painting, Sandblasting and Power Washing

Roustabout Services

Oilfield Pump Service and Repair

Treating and Production of Chemicals

Water Well, Oil and Gas Well, Rat Hole, Geothermal, Methane Gas Drilling, Servicing and Perforating

Oil and Gas Insurance Coverages

While your oil and gas insurance needs will vary from other operations, there are several essential coverages most energy companies would be wise to consider. Here’s some of the oil and gas coverage we place in our energy policies.

Control of Well Insurance

Also known as “well control insurance,” this specialized oil and gas insurance can help with the cost of a blowout. From pollution cleanup to equipment repair and replacement, well control coverage is designed to help you resume production as quickly as possible.

Care, Custody & Control

Most general liability insurance policies have exclusions for damage to other people’s property. This means a claim on your GL policy for damaging someone else’s equipment or property may be denied. Fortunately, we can include care, custody and control coverage in your policy to help with costs incurred should you end up accidentally damaging someone else’s property.

Debris and Pollution Cleanup

When oil and gas companies suffer a spill or other environmental catastrophe, debris and pollution cleanup insurance can assist with cleanup and other related costs.

Loss of Profit

Much like business interruption insurance can help keep a company afloat in the aftermath of a covered peril, loss of profit insurance can reimburse oil and gas companies for lost profits during the recovery period of an interruption to production.

Equipment Repair

The equipment required for oil and gas exploration can be costly to maintain. If your equipment breaks or goes offline, equipment repair insurance can help with the costs of getting it operational again.

Equipment Replacement

Equipment in the oil and gas industry gets put through the wringer daily. The excessive wear and tear caused by near-constant operation in the rough terrain and environment increases the likelihood of equipment failure. Equipment replacement insurance is designed to help with the cost of replacing your equipment should it be damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen.

Workers’ Compensation

Even if your state doesn’t require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance by law, it’s often a wise investment. Workers’ compensation can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, legal fees, settlements and more in the aftermath of an employee injury.

Underground Resources & Equipment

This specialized insurance can help fill a common coverage gap in most oil and gas liability policies. While most general liability policies have exclusions for underground activities like fracking, Higginbotham can build these essential protections into your policy to better cover your risk.

Rig Physical Damage

Rig physical damage insurance can help with costs related to physical damage to a drilling rig. Also capable of covering expenses related to pollution cleanup and removal, in-hole salvage expenses, damaged machinery and tools and other drilling site property damage, this oil and gas insurance is wise for energy companies to consider.

Oil and Gas Bonds

Oil and gas bonds are type of surety bond that’s tailored to the energy industry. Bonds are often required by federal or state-level agencies before an oil and gas company may begin operations on land that they don’t own. Bonds help to hold energy companies to regulatory standards by transferring the risk to them.

Learn More About Oil and Gas Bonds

Offshore Platform Insurance Solutions

If your energy company does any offshore drilling, you may want to consider offshore platform insurance. In the event of an unforeseen interruption to production, this coverage can help mitigate a wide range of costs, including:

Charterers Liability

Charterers liability insurance can protect against the risks involved with chartering a vessel owned by another party for commercial use. This coverage can help with the cost of damage caused or sustained by a chartered vehicle in operation.

Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

Protection and indemnity coverage can help mitigate maritime liability risks associated with a ship or other vessel’s operation. While damage to the hull is typically not covered under P&I, it can cover expenses resulting from damaged cargo, loss of life, passenger injury, fines, damage to third-party property, quarantine expense, legal costs and more.

Marine Liability Insurance

Marine liability insurance can help cover costs related to loading and unloading cargo with a chartered vessel. This coverage is also popular with marina operators, ship repairers, stevedores, terminal operators, wharfingers and other maritime professionals because it can help limit the liability involved with operating.

Pollution Liability and Offshore (including COFR/OPA 1990)

Due in part to tightened regulations in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon crisis and other prominent oil spills, pressure on oil and gas operators to mitigate their pollution risk is at an all-time high. In response to the increased scope of environmental liability risk related to the energy business, pollution liability coverage can help with costs ranging from spill cleanup to personal injury and other civil liabilities created by offshore drilling.

Mergers and Acquisitions Transactional Risk

Mergers and acquisition transactional risk coverage can protect you from the liabilities associated with these complicated deals. From representations and warranties insurance to tax indemnity and contingent liability insurance, Higginbotham can tailor your coverage to the specific needs of your oil and gas operation.

Energy Business Risk Management

Familiarity with rig operations and the oil and gas insurance policies used to protect them gives us negotiating power with your insurance carrier in the event of a loss. We’ve helped resolve hundreds of control of well, liability and first-party claims with more than $350 million in claims payouts.

To help avoid claims, we review the agreements you enter into with vendors, like drilling, joint operating agreements, master service agreements, master charter and leased equipment contracts, to properly allocate your risks. Our team will scrutinize your contracts with an eye to compliance with Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Wyoming anti-indemnity requirements and insurance provisions.

With Higginbotham, you also have access to CertCon Services, our in-house insurance certificate validation group. We process the certificates you require from your service and material providers to help verify they meet the insurance stipulations in your contracts.


Meet Our Oil & Gas Insurance Leader

Ryan Edgmon started his career in insurance in the fall of 2010 after graduating with a degree in Aerospace Administration and Operations.

An Odessa native, Ryan grew up surrounded by oil fields and the energy industry. He quickly became known for his expertise in Oil and Natural Gas Insurance and rose to become the youngest managing director in Higginbotham’s history. Ryan oversees our Energy Division, providing specialized knowledge to protect the unique exposures of our clients in the oil and gas industry.

He holds an Airline Transport Pilot license and was previously recognized as one of Insurance Business America’s Hot 100.

Managing Director
Ryan Edgmon
Managing Director, LinkedIn
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