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Knoxville Employee Benefits Broker

At Higginbotham in Knoxville, Tennessee, we’re more than just a health insurance broker; we’re your all-in-one partner for employee benefits. From ACA compliance and disability coverage to life insurance and senior benefits, we aim to simplify your benefits programs and processes to support the health and success of your business and your team. With a diverse range of clients operating in 20+ states, no matter your industry, your size or your location, our goal is to make choosing and managing employee benefits more straightforward while supporting your team with the plans and programs that fit their needs.

Higginbotham expanded into Knoxville in 2022, when PMG Benefits Consulting, an independent broker of employee benefits, life and ancillary insurance plans, became a Higginbotham partner.

Knoxville Health Insurance Brokers

At Higginbotham, we understand that the success of your organization is closely tied to the well-being and productivity of your workforce. That’s why, as your health insurance broker, our mission goes beyond offering insurance solutions. We’re dedicated to helping you foster a more satisfied, productive and loyal team.

When it comes to health benefits, with Higginbotham, you have options, allowing you to select the coverage that’s best suited to your employees. And, we strive to enhance the efficiency and value of your benefits through services like health risk management, Section 125 plan administration, compliance and more.

We also offer supplemental health coverage options, such as:

Employee Benefits Services

At Higginbotham, we do more than connect you and your team to the best possible employee benefits plans. Our commitment to you is year-round, so we offer value-added employee benefits services that are designed to help your employees make the most of their benefits and to help ease your HR team’s administrative burden.

Benefit Communications and Education

A well-informed employee is a more engaged employee. That’s why we offer custom benefit communications to explain the value and details of the benefits your organization provides, helping your employees make the most of their coverage and facilitating a smoother open enrollment process. Additionally, our employee response center, staffed by a team of skilled benefits specialists, is always ready to answer questions and offer assistance to your employees.

Employee Wellness Programs

Beyond insurance, we also assist in the implementation of wellness initiatives and population health management solutions to promote a culture of health and positivity. Employee wellness programs can have the added bonuses of enhancing morale, boosting productivity, increasing recruitment and hiring competitiveness and containing costs – but only if the program is personalized to meet the needs of your employees and the goals of your organization. That’s why we design population health management programs around your company culture, demographics, work environment and employee needs, supporting the development of a healthier and happier workforce.


More than ever before, employers need a trusted partner to guide them through the complexities of employee benefits and insurance. With hundreds of hours of training and study, our team works with our clients to assist in compliance with regulations and to help alleviate the administrative burden associated with compliance. From COBRA to ERISA to ACA compliance, we’re here to help simplify benefits compliance. And, through our tax-advantaged solutions, we aim to reduce your tax liabilities and improve the financial outlook for your organization and workforce.

Benefits Administration and Enrollment

The employee benefits process doesn’t end when you select benefits offerings for your team – and neither does our support. Managing and administering benefits is a year-round process that can be cumbersome and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. With Higginbotham’s team on your side, you can add benefits to your program with greater ease. We offer in-house benefits administration services, including private exchanges, helping you to save time and money on third party administrator management and vendor fees. And, with our online benefits portal, employees can complete the benefits enrollment process online, reducing your HR team’s paperwork and simplifying open enrollment.

Plan Benchmarking

Our plan benchmarking services offer an examination of your current benefits offerings compared to standard benefits packages in your industry and market. This process can provide insights to help enhance your organization’s value for potential and current employees. By identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, we can help you make informed decisions about your organization’s benefits offerings.

Industry Specializations


Private Equity Employee Benefits

Navigating the competitive arena of private equity requires a sharp focus on growth and strategic investments. But, worrying about your firm’s employee benefits and competitive edge in hiring can take away from this priority. That’s where Higginbotham comes in.

With experience in creating competitive employee benefits programs for numerous private equity firms, our team considers the unique needs and challenges of your private equity operation, helping to create tailored benefits packages that align with your firm’s goals.

We also aim to streamline the tasks associated with managing benefits so your team can redirect their focus toward the core activities that drive growth for your PE firm. Through our value-adding services like custom benefit communications, corporate wellness and regulatory compliance, we’re there to help support your team year-round while you continue to steer your firm toward greater success.

Female doctor examining senior male patient at her clinic

Employee Benefits for Hospitals and Health Care

Our Knoxville team has a strong background in working within the health care sector to craft employee benefits programs that are tailored for hospitals, medical practices and other health care facilities. We recognize the unique needs and challenges of health care organizations, and we use this knowledge to create benefits packages that cater to the diverse workforce, dynamic regulations and broader landscape of the health care industry.

Our work goes beyond just designing benefits packages; we aim for a bigger picture strategy that helps boost employee engagement, contain costs and build a culture of wellness within your organization. By leveraging our relationships with some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, we aim to help you discover and manage benefits programs that are cost-conscious and effective for both your employees and your health care institution.


Employee Benefits for the Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing sector, maintaining a consistent pace of high-quality production is essential, and employee benefits play a significant role in achieving these objectives by helping to attract and retain skilled workers. However, if managed incorrectly, employee benefits can introduce administrative challenges, reduce employee morale and lower overall productivity.

Our team specializes in the intricacies of employee benefits for manufacturing businesses. We provide guidance through the maze of plan options, from 401(k) design to medical and dental plans, and then help your company implement, administer and streamline your chosen benefits programs. And, our services go beyond benefits. We also assist in regulatory compliance, wellness program creation and implementation, benefit communication with employees and more.

By combining thoughtful guidance with streamlined administration, Higginbotham aims to simplify the benefits process, allowing your team to concentrate on key operational goals, such as optimizing production and meeting delivery timelines.

Discover Benefits Solutions with Higginbotham

Selecting the right benefits for your team can be tough, but working with Higginbotham can help make it simpler. Whether you’re in health care, private equity, manufacturing or another industry, our Knoxville team is here to help you find the right benefits offerings and to help your employees make the most out of their benefits.

Ready to build a benefits program that empowers your team and supports your organizational growth? Your journey toward employee benefits solutions starts with a conversation. Call our Knoxville team or complete a contact form to get in touch. Together, let’s work to create a brighter future for your team and your business.

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Meet Our Knoxville Office Leader

Ryan Grose is the Managing Director and Office Leader for Higginbotham’s Knoxville location.

After working in sales throughout college, Ryan began his career in the field of information technology. After several years in IT, he was drawn back to sales when he accepted a job working for a leading ancillary insurance carrier, where he was quickly promoted to District Sales Coordinator. During this time, Ryan met Debbie Perry, who offered him the opportunity to join her in building her employee benefits firm, PMG Benefits.

Ryan works with clients throughout the country in nearly every industry and serves companies ranging from two to 2,500+ employees. He has specialized experience with employee benefits for private equity firms, working with multiple PE firms to coordinate the analysis, implementation and harmonization of benefits for their various companies and markets.

Ryan created and leads our T.E.A.C.H. initiative, which is designed to enhance employee understanding of the causes of rising healthcare costs and the role that each individual can play in cost control. He is passionate about finding creative solutions to help clients maximize the return on their benefits investments and enjoys aiding his clients in overcoming the challenges associated with the evolution of the insurance industry since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Managing Director
Ryan Grose
Managing Director, Employee Benefits
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620 Mabry Hood Road, Suite 201, Knoxville, TN 37932