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Insurance for Wineries and Vineyards

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Spotlight on: Vineyard and Winery Insurance

As a winery or vineyard owner, you understand the dedication, passion and investment required to produce quality wine. But, do you know if you’re fully protected from the unique risks and challenges in the industry?

Whether you’re the owner of a family-run winery or the manager of a large-scale commercial vineyard, your insurance needs are unique. It’s essential to work with an insurance broker who understands the intricacies of the wine industry and can provide customized insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Higginbotham helps you safeguard the fruits of your labor for years to come with business insurance and risk management solutions.

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Protect Your Winery or Vineyard with Higginbotham

At Higginbotham, we understand that your vineyard or winery is more than a business. It’s an investment.

Winery and vineyard insurance is crucial in safeguarding your commercial assets. From the vine to the bottle, each step of the winemaking process exposes your enterprise to potential risks and challenges. Winery insurance helps protect your assets, inventory and the hard work that you’ve put into your operation. With Higginbotham’s vineyard insurance services, get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your winery or vineyard is well-protected with cost-effective coverage.

With the right coverage in place, you can focus on what you love most – making fine wines.

Ready to cultivate peace of mind?

Navigating the complexities of wine industry insurance can be a daunting task. But, with Higginbotham by your side, you don’t have to face it alone. With our industry expertise and carrier relationships, we’ll help you find commercial coverage that’s customized for your winery’s or vineyard’s needs.

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The Importance of Winery Insurance and Working with a Knowledgeable Broker

Hear from our practice leader Alex Torres on the invaluable role that Higginbotham can play in securing your winery’s future.

Types of Coverage for Wineries and Vineyards

When it comes to winery and vineyard insurance, there are several types of coverage options available to help protect your business from potential financial losses and to facilitate the continued operation of your vineyard or winery. Some of the most common commercial insurance coverages include:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a crucial component of vineyard and winery coverage. It provides protection against third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage or personal injury that may arise from your operations. This coverage helps protect your business from financial losses or legal fees associated with accidents or incidents that could occur on your property or as a result of your business activities.

Business Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect the physical assets of your winery or vineyard, including buildings, equipment and inventory, which are all essential components of your business property. In the event of damage or loss due to events such as a fire, theft, burst pipes or hail, business property coverage can help cover the costs of repair or replacement to keep your business running smoothly.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a vital insurance coverage, as it provides financial and medical benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. This coverage not only protects your employees, but also helps shield your business from potential liability and costly litigation. By investing in workers’ compensation insurance, you demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your staff and the overall success of your business.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance is especially important for wineries, as it helps cover the costs of repairing or replacing essential equipment that has been damaged due to perils such as power surges, mechanical breakdowns or improper installation. The winemaking process relies on various equipment, like presses, pumps and temperature control systems, which can be costly to repair or replace. Having equipment breakdown coverage helps prevent disruption to your operations in the case of equipment failure.

Commercial Auto and Transit Insurance

Transit and commercial auto insurance offer protection to wineries against losses incurred during the transportation of goods and the operation of company vehicles. This coverage is particularly important if your winery transports wine products for distribution or if you operate vehicles for business purposes, such as conducting vineyard tours.

Specialized Coverage for Wineries and Vineyards

In addition to core commercial insurance coverages, wineries and vineyards also face unique risks that require specialized insurance solutions. Specialized winery and vineyard insurance coverage can provide added protection for your business against specific challenges such as wine spoilage, extreme weather events and liquor liability.

Contamination and Spoilage Insurance

Contamination and spoilage coverage is critical insurance for wineries, as it provides protection for losses incurred from contaminated or spoiled wine products. This could include issues such as tainted wine due to a manufacturing error or spoilage caused by equipment failure. Contamination and spoilage insurance helps minimize the financial impact of these incidents while maintaining the integrity of your products.

Extreme Weather Exposures

Extreme weather poses a huge risk to wineries and vineyards, especially if the business is located in an area prone to natural disasters such as floods, wildfires or hurricanes. This form of specialized coverage can provide additional support if your business is faced with damage or destruction due to a covered natural disaster.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is an indispensable coverage for vineyards, as it safeguards against losses resulting from damaged or destroyed crops due to factors such as pests, diseases or adverse weather conditions. With this coverage in place, you can minimize the financial impact of crop failures and maintain the viability of your vineyard operations.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability coverage is a crucial form of insurance for wineries that offer wine tastings, host events or operate tasting rooms. This coverage helps offset legal fees and damages associated with alcohol-related incidents such as accidents or injuries resulting from the sale, manufacture or serving of alcohol. With liquor liability insurance, you can help protect your business from potential liability and maintain a safe environment for your guests.

Product Recall Insurance

Product recall insurance helps manage the financial impact of a product recall. In the event that your winery needs to recall a product due to safety concerns or other issues, this insurance can cover expenses such as replacement and brand rehabilitation costs, helping to protect your business’s financial position and reputation during a challenging time.

Meet Our Winery and Vineyard Insurance Practice Leader

With over 15 years of sales experience, Alex Torres is passionate about developing relationships with her clients and finding them the best insurance coverage possible.

Alex has an undergraduate degree in international business and began her insurance career in Hawaii, working with personal and commercial insurance clients in Oahu and Maui, including auto dealerships, mortgage brokers and real estate brokers.

As a military spouse, Alex has lived all over the world, but in 2021, her family returned home to Texas and she joined Higginbotham’s commercial insurance team, specializing in coverage for wineries, vineyards and nonprofit organizations.

In her free time, Alex enjoys serving as a Young Life leader, going to the gym, exploring Texas with her husband, their three children and their 120-pound Cane Corso and, of course, enjoying a glass of wine from local vineyards.

Commercial Lines Associate
Alex Torres
Commercial Lines Associate, Winery and Vineyard Insurance

Risk Management for Wineries and Vineyards

In the operations of a successful winery or vineyard, risk management strategies are incredibly important. By identifying and addressing risks, you can minimize potential losses and disruptions to your business operations.

Common Risks Wineries Face

Wineries and vineyards face a variety of risks at each stage of the winemaking process. Some common risks include:

  • Natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes or rainstorms
  • Wine leakage
  • Wine stock contamination
  • Occupational hazards for workers such as exposure to toxic pesticides and working in low-oxygen environments
  • Damage or destruction of necessary equipment
  • Product recall
  • Liquor liability issues

At Higginbotham, we start with listening. We learn the unique risks confronted by your business and where your priorities lie. Our risk management team then works diligently to minimize potential losses and disruptions to your winery or vineyard. Through commercial insurance, risk technology and personalized risk management solutions, we work to proactively address risks to your business, helping protect your investment and maintain continuity of your operations.

Not sure where to start? Talk to someone who wants to listen.

The wine industry is complex, and you need an insurance broker who understands the challenges, risks and opportunities that your vineyard or winery faces. Higginbotham’s specialists understand your industry and work to understand the unique needs of your business in order to create customized insurance and risk management solutions.

Experience the Higginbotham difference and let our expertise guide you to the best insurance options for your winery or vineyard.

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