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Spotlight on: Insurance for Pool and Spa Contractors

As a pool and spa industry professional, you’re familiar with the terms gunite and shotcrete, know the difference between single and variable speed pumps and understand how chemicals affect water safety. Your insurance advisor should have comparable pool industry coverage know-how; otherwise, it’s your business and safety that are at risk.

We help hundreds of pool and spa industry businesses stay afloat. Our reputation for understanding the pool industry and providing superb customer service earned us an endorsement by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) in 2004. No other firm has been endorsed by APSP longer than ours.

And, no other firm in the U.S. has access to our exclusive program that quotes pool-related businesses. We can save APSP members up to 20 percent on your insurance cost with a top-rated insurance carrier.

Why Higginbotham? Because we care about your business like you do.

Employee-owned and customer inspired, we make caring for your business our business.

That’s why we get to know you by name, need and nuance. That’s why we keep up with advances in spa and pool technology, regulation changes and your own business needs. And that’s why we begin with listening and end with customized solutions.

We understand the power of being more individual and less institutional.

No matter your specialty, we’ll work hard to understand your priorities so we can get you covered on day one and provide year-round value with Day Two Services®. By committing to transparency while demonstrating authenticity, we’re a place that leads with values so value leads.

To learn more about how our values-based approach creates value for you and your business, click here.

Or visit our Insights page to learn more about pool and spa risk management.

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You deserve an innovative insurance partner who understands your industry.

Our seasoned pool and spa insurance professionals start with listening and end with customized solutions.

We put our creativity to work for you to deliver a holistic risk management plan built for you.

That means our work doesn’t stop after we secure your coverage.

We deliver year-round value with our Day Two Services® that support your risk management efforts throughout the term of your insurance policy. We help you prevent and minimize loss—not just cover it.

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Pool and Spa Businesses We Serve

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Pool Remodeling Contractors

Subcontractors for the Pool Industry

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As the Vice President for Central Texas PHTA, I am approached for recommendations of all types. When insurance is the topic, without hesitation the ladies at Higginbotham in Ennis is the name I speak. They have supported PHTA with countless hours of service to us and to our industry. Jeannette Blanton found a way to cover our members 20 years ago when no insurance company in Texas would insure us. They have made it their goal to be experts in protecting pool industry businesses and our community. Their 20 year good reputation serving our members speaks for itself. They are true champions of the pool industry and they insure my business.

VP, Central TX PHTA

Coverage for Pool and Spa Contractors

If you’re interested in learning more about the coverage options that make sense for your operation, these insights will help guide you.

While each coverage package we build considers your location, operation and unique risk exposure, these are some of our more popular pool and spa coverages.

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Workers’ Compensation

While many swimming pool contractor policies don’t include worker’ compensation, life or disability insurance, these are all important coverages to consider. Capable of helping alleviate the costs of medical bills, wage replacement and legal expenses in the aftermath of an employee injury on the job, workers’ comp can save your business when things go wrong.

General Liability

Widely considered one of the most essential coverages for a business to carry, general liability insurance can help with the costs of a third-party injury or property damage sustained as a result of your business operation. This coverage can pay legal fees, settlements and more.

Commercial Auto

If you own or operate vehicles for business use, you likely need commercial auto insurance. The standard auto insurance you carry on our personal vehicles doesn’t extend coverage for commercial use. With that in mind, commercial auto coverage can help protect your business from financial ruin should you or an employee have an accident.

Contractors’ Equipment

The equipment pool contractors need to work isn’t cheap. That considered, contractors’ equipment insurance is a wise investment for professionals working in the pool and spa industry. This coverage can help with the cost of repairing or replacing your tools and equipment if they end up lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed.

In some cases, contractors’ equipment coverage can also help pay for cleanup and the cost of getting a project back on schedule after a covered loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own land or a building for your business, you should strongly consider carrying commercial property insurance. This coverage can help with the cost of repairing or rebuilding your commercial buildings and the assets they protect after a fire, theft, vandalism, storm or other peril.

Pool Pop Up Coverage

Unique to the spa and pool industry, swimming pool pop up coverage is an endorsement for builders and sales professionals that can help cover the costs of repairing damage to a client’s swimming pool caused by a high water table.

Job Site Pollution Insurance

Working as a pool or spa contractor involves considerable risk of accidental pollution. Job site pollution insurance can help with the costs of cleaning and containing a chemical spill or other polluting event that occurs on the job site.

Per Project Aggregate

Sold as an endorsement on a “per project” basis, this insurance extends up to $2 million of coverage for claims resulting from any specific project. Per project aggregate coverage functions like a specialized umbrella coverage designed for the risks of working as a contractor, giving pool and spa professionals the peace of mind of knowing they’re less likely to end up out-of-pocket for a covered incident.

Blanket Additional Insured

More often than not, general contractors on a commercial project will require all subcontractors to list them as an additional insured on their insurance policy. A blanket additional insured endorsement can help streamline the compliance process by automatically extending coverage to any party to which the named insured is contractually required to provide coverage.

Pool and Spa Risk Management

Safety is paramount to pool businesses—lives and reputations are at stake. We help you create a culture of safety that keeps your head above water by:

  • Identifying Your Exposures and Hazards
  • Evaluating Your Risk Management Plans and Developing New Ones
  • Implementing New Loss Control Processes
  • Measuring Results for Constant Improvement
  • Providing Safety Materials to guide Your Own Safety Program
  • Performing Contract Reviews
  • Reviewing Subcontractor Agreements
  • Alerting You of Industry Changes
  • Advocating in Your Best Interests When You Have a Claim

If you feel like you’re drowning, contact our pool coverage specialists.

Meet Our Spa & Pool Practice Leader

Jeannette Blanton, Managing Director in our Ennis office, began her insurance career working as an account manager at a large insurance agency in Dallas, Texas.  In 1987 after several years serving as an account manager she obtained a position as a commercial property and casualty insurance agent with Nationwide Insurance Company. In 1990 Jeannette formed her own insurance agency.

In 2001, she created an insurance program designed for the pool industry. The pool program was immediately recognized and endorsed by The Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (formerly APSP and NSPI) and is still endorsed to this day, insuring over 250 pool related businesses across the U.S.

Experience in all levels of client servicing has given Jeannette insight to clients’ varied risk management and coverage needs.

Jeannette is certified in insuring construction risks and holds a Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS) designation.

Managing Director, Pool and Spa Construction
Jeanette Blanton
Managing Director, Pool and Spa Construction, LinkedIn
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