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HOA Insurance

Community coverage made easy.

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Spotlight on: Homeowners Association Insurance

HOA protection for neighborhood connection.

At Higginbotham, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by homeowners associations (HOAs). That’s why our HOA insurance solutions are designed to offer strong protection while fostering a sense of security among the homeowners association and its members. Our personalized insurance packages are not just about mitigating risks and providing adequate coverage – they’re about supporting a safe and harmonious community.

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Who needs HOA insurance?

Homeowners associations across a variety of communities can benefit from HOA insurance coverage. Whether you’re a condo owner community, a gated subdivision, a retirement community or a townhome association, our tailored insurance solutions provide homeowner associations with the essential coverage to protect common areas and shared amenities. Every community is unique; Higginbotham’s expertise helps your association get the coverage it needs.

Tailored HOA Insurance with Higginbotham

Your partnership with Higginbotham begins with an evaluation of your association’s requirements and priorities.

Our experienced brokers delve into the specifics, evaluating the shared spaces, amenities and the overall structure of your community.

We do all this with the goal of offering insurance solutions that are in sync with the unique dynamics of your HOA, creating a customized plan for insurance and risk management.

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Homeowners Association Insurance Coverages

HOA insurance policies can be tailored to align with the specific needs of your association, allowing for a comprehensive insurance solution that promotes the well-being and financial security of your community.

General Liability Insurance

General liability coverage is fundamental in protecting against legal liability claims resulting from injuries or property damage occurring on shared premises, such as a community pool or exercise facility. It’s about creating a communal living space where residents can enjoy shared amenities and community property while minimizing the threat of legal repercussions due to unforeseen incidents.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is pivotal in covering damages to common areas like clubhouses, swimming pools and other shared facilities. A commercial property insurance policy helps ensure that communal spaces are well-maintained and promptly repaired, fostering a pleasant and appealing environment for all residents.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Managing an HOA or serving as a board member entails making decisions that may not always sit well with all members or that carry various liabilities. Directors and officers insurance, also known as D&O insurance, provides liability protection to help shield your association’s board members from personal losses stemming from their managerial decisions, encouraging a culture of proactive and responsible governance within your association.

Workers’ Compensation

For the employees or workers engaged by the HOA, workers’ compensation offers a safety net for medical expenses and loss of income due to work-related injuries. It’s a testament to a caring and responsible community that values the well-being of every individual associated with it.

Excess Liability Insurance

In the face of catastrophic claims that exceed the limits of other policies, umbrella insurance, also known as excess liability insurance, provides an additional layer of liability coverage. With an umbrella insurance policy, your HOA is better equipped to handle large-scale claims.

Personal Property Insurance for Homeowners

While securing coverage for your homeowner association is important, it’s just as important that you and your community members protect your personal property with homeowners’ insurance coverage. Whether you need a townhouse, home, apartment or condo insurance policy, Higginbotham can help you find the personal insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

Looking for HOA insurance that prioritizes peace of mind?

Our team is eager to understand your priorities and offer an insurance solution that resonates with the aspirations of your community. Together, let’s embark on a journey toward securing your HOA.

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HOA Master Insurance Policy

Master insurance policies allow homeowners associations to purchase several insurance coverages as part of one commercial package. An HOA master policy can encompass property damage, general liability, directors and officers liability and crime and fidelity insurance.

At Higginbotham, we learn the needs and priorities of your homeowner association to create a tailored master insurance policy that encompasses the coverage you need at the competitive price you deserve. By combining our focus on personalized service with our relationships with national insurance carriers, we’re able to craft an HOA master policy that promotes a harmonious and secure living environment for all residents.

Why Higginbotham?

As one of the largest independent insurance, financial and HR services firms in the nation, our team is ready to help you navigate the intricacies of insurance for homeowner associations. For us, insurance is personal, so we aim to foster a long-term partnership that evolves with your association’s ever-changing needs.

Customizable Coverage Options

Every community has distinct characteristics and a unique risk profile. Our team members engage in a collaborative dialogue with your association, identifying potential risks and crafting personalized insurance solutions that align with your budget and coverage requirements. From the type of deductible to the scope of coverage, we provide a flexible framework that accommodates your preferences and financial considerations.

Seamless Claim Process

If you experience a loss, our dedicated team of claims specialists is at your disposal, managing the entire claims process so you can focus on resuming normal HOA operations. For us, it’s not just about settling claims – it’s about supporting your homeowners associations when you need it the most.

Ready to elevate the security and peace of mind of your community?

A great plan starts with a conversation. Let’s talk about what your homeowners association needs.

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