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Insurance for Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

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Spotlight on: Faith-Based Institution Insurance

Your role as a cornerstone of your community can provide tremendous engagement, but that can come with trials and challenges.

Whether you operate a synagogue, temple, mosque, church or another place of worship, you have your members’ best interests at heart, and you deserve an insurance partner with that same commitment to you.

At Higginbotham, we work tirelessly to deliver year-round value, helping free you to focus on your congregation and community.

Our insurance solutions for faith-based organizations are tailored to the needs of each one we serve.

The Higginbotham Difference: When Your Broker is Here to Serve

With humanity, without compromise.

Employee-owned and customer-inspired, we lead with values so you can lead with confidence.

From standard property risks like fires and slips and falls to more complicated issues involving misconduct and abuse, there are countless things to consider when designing an insurance policy for your faith-based institution.

That’s why our seasoned faith-based institution insurance specialists take the time to get to know you by name, need and nuance.

Committed to transparency and authenticity, we know that when we lead with values, value leads.

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Showing A Supportive Spirit

Ready to work with an agency who cares as much as you do?

The risks faced by a faith-based organization can stifle your good work.

That’s why we help clarify your options and turn your uncertainty into opportunity. With our deep nationwide insurance carrier relationships and experience with faith-based institutions, we help get the custom coverage you need.

Because while insurance is our something, our customers are our everything.

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Each year Higginbotham takes our business to market to ensure that we are getting the best coverage for the best value. They know what is important to us, and every year they find a way to deliver.

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CFO, Staffing Industry

Coverage Options for Faith-Based Organizations

While the insurance needs of each faith-based institution vary based on location, risk exposure and operational specifics, here are some of the most common faith-based institution insurance coverages. 

While these options represent some of the more common faith-based organization coverages, it’s crucial to work with a broker that knows the markets and takes the time to understand your operation before placing coverage.

Liability Insurance

Business insurance is important for almost all business owners and organizations, including churches and other faith-based organizations. General liability insurance is designed to help mitigate financial risks by paying for injuries and property damage sustained by third parties on your property. This coverage can assist with legal fees, settlements, judgments and more in the aftermath of a covered incident. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your faith-based organization owns or operates buses, vans or other vehicles, you may need commercial auto insurance. Like your personal auto policy, this coverage can help pay for property damage and bodily injury sustained by an employee-involved accident. 

Commercial Building Insurance

Also known as “commercial property insurance,” this coverage can help protect your property, buildings and the assets stored within. From broken stained-glass windows to weather damage and more, commercial property coverage can help you get back to normal in the wake of a fire, storm, vandalism or other peril. 

Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability

Considering that churches and faith-based institutions often work with vulnerable populations within their congregation and outside ministry, sexual misconduct and physical abuse coverage is wise for a religious organization to consider. This specialized insurance can help with the costs of responding to allegations of sexual abuse. Specifically, it can help with legal fees, settlements and damages should allegations of wrongdoing arise. 

Educators Legal Liability (ELL)

Also known as “school board legal liability insurance,” ELL can help with the costs of defending allegations of wrongful termination, improper dismissal, negligent counseling or failure to grant tenure. 

Directors and Officers (D&O)

Directors and officers coverage is designed around the liability involved with serving as a director or officer of a business, non-profit or other organization. D&O can help safeguard individual directors and officers from financial loss from a lawsuit, along with covering legal fees and related costs the organization may incur due to a lawsuit. 

International Operations

If your faith-based organization sponsors international outreach activities, you should consider adding international operations coverage to your insurance policy. International operations insurance can help limit your liability and cover the costs of lawsuits filed against your organization abroad. 

Emergency Event Coverage

Considering how often churches and faith-based organizations assist with relief when disaster strikes, emergency event coverage is wise to include in your policy. Working during an emergency or in the aftermath of a disaster presents a unique set of risks. Emergency event coverage is designed with those risks in mind, helping with the costs of remediating injuries and fatalities sustained by volunteers in the line of duty. 

Student Accident Insurance Coverage

Student accident insurance can help with the costs of a student injury sustained on a field trip, special event or other faith-based organization-sponsored activity. Picking up where general liability coverage ends, student accident coverage can pay medical bills, legal fees, settlements and more. 

Special Events

If your faith-based organization hosts community gatherings, fundraisers or other public events, a standard general liability policy may fall short of providing adequate coverage. From dances to festivals and everything in between, this specialized coverage can help with the costs of property damage or injuries sustained at your event. Special events insurance can also include coverage for lost deposits and other fees if you cancel an event at the last minute.

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Compliance

Sexual abuse is a highly regulated risk that Higginbotham can help you navigate with compliance and prevention services.

If you conduct a licensed youth camp, the Texas Youth Camp Safety Act requires adult staff members to complete an abuse prevention training and examination program. To help you fulfill your reporting obligations, we assist with abuse awareness training, policies and procedures, background checks, screening training and systems for monitoring and oversight.

We also review your contracts to ensure you have appropriate abuse prevention terms for subcontractors and service vendors working on your campus.

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Risk Management Plans Built for You

Beyond fulfilling your insurance needs, we’re committed to supporting your risk management efforts throughout the term of your policies, serving as a go-to resource for mitigating risk and limiting liability holistically.

Our in-house subject matter specialists provide support from the day we place your coverage to the day your policy comes up for renewal. It’s what we call Day Two Services®.

We also provide an annual service timeline, so you know what to expect and when to expect it.

No matter your needs, Higginbotham is here 365 days a year to serve you. We treat each new client as a partner and each new policy as a partnership.

  • Abuse Risk
  • Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Playground Safety
  • Transportation Safety
  • Facility Security
  • Employee Screening
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