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History of Higginbotham

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Rooted in Values

We’re rooted in values that started with our namesake, Paul C. Higginbotham. When he opened an insurance agency in 1948, he wanted to serve his small neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. 

When Rusty Reid became CEO in 1989, he planted the seeds that would take Higginbotham’s service national. Through adding solutions that help our customers flourish and partners who expand those solutions, Higginbotham now ranks as a leader in our industry. 

Today, more than 70 years after Paul started, service still drives us. Service to our customers. Service to our community. And service to each other.

The Higginbotham Community Fund

For over a decade, our Higginbotham Community Fund has engaged employees in philanthropy. To date, our team members have donated millions of dollars and contributed countless hours to community development. With offices coast to coast, the impact of our F.O.R.C.E. (Family of Responsible Caring Employees) is as far-reaching as our footprint.

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