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The future of the recruiting industry is online recruitment tools. Employers focus on strategies that help them find the top talent while optimizing performance in the job place. HR professionals are faced with new challenges daily.

With companies dealing with new trends in the workplace, it can be a struggle to hire candidates with appropriate knowledge and talent to be an asset to the company. Talent acquisition is the focus of recruiters who strive to keep up with the latest trends in business and tech. Employers and HR professionals turn to the web for advice from HR blogs regarding ideas for employee engagement and tips for talent acquisition.

Recruitment Blogs

One of the best professional resources any recruiter or HR professional can utilize is the internet. Regardless of your industry, you will find blogs, professional development articles and tips that apply to you. Whether you are looking for how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile or you are looking for an article regarding recruitment, you can turn to a website for advice.

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter features varied topics on its blog. The main focus of the blog is recruitment in three sections: recruiter, employers and candidates.

Undercover Recruiter blog topics include career advice, hiring strategies, tech and social media strategies. Leaders in the recruitment industry or anonymous guest blog writers create each blog post. Undercover Recruiter addresses both sides of the hiring process.

Linkedin Talent Blog

Recruitment professionals should pay attention to the Linkedin blog. These aren’t simply recruitment blogs; they are written by people all over the world who have contributed their knowledge of talent acquisition and other recruitment categories to the blogs.

Linkedin offers complete sections on Recruitment Tips, Trends and Strategies. In addition to articles, Linkedin is a talent acquisition site. Recruiters and employees alike can use the Linkedin sites to connect the appropriate people to jobs.

Indeed Blog

Indeed is arguably the number one job finder website. This blog has a multitude of useful tips for recruiters and hiring professionals. In addition, the site features resources and information that is data-driven and meant to be useful to recruitment managers.

Job seekers are likely familiar with Indeed, as it is full of information regarding jobs, including job postings for various industries. Talent acquisition blog posts, as well as information on how to create the perfect job post to attract employees, are beneficial to the recruitment world.

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is a collaborative effort. The focus is that of a talent acquisition blog. Fistful of Talent discusses everything from recruiting to what you do once you’ve hired the right person for your workplace.

Fistful of Talent has approximately a dozen people from the recruiting industry sharing insight into recruitment and hiring practices as well as other HR practices. They combine information with pop culture references, creating a more relevant recruitment blog. As a bonus they have also managed to sustain a updated video series.


Greenhouse is a hot commodity in the applicant tracking world. The Greenhouse blog discusses recruitment from various angles. It posts at least one blog entry a week, and usually, more than that.

One of the biggest draws to Greenhouse is its diverse pool of contributors. You won’t simply get knowledge from the Greenhouse staff. They search online to find the best recruiting minds for guest posts.

Social Talent

Social Talent is an Irish start-up that provides the recruitment industry with online and social media training. If you want to stay on top of the latest news in the recruitment industry, Social Talent has a weekly series called the Roundup that is just for you.

It also uses social media posts to help you learn how to optimize your social media for recruiting. In recent years, it has posted over 1,600 entries on topics relevant to the recruiting business.


If you aren’t an HR professional, but you need to hire someone, CareerPlug is the blog for you. Small business owners, franchise owners and anyone else not familiar with HR terms and practices can benefit from CareerPlug.

As a matter of fact, they train their employees to be HR pros so you don’t have to be. They share practical advice that you can easily act on.


Juice provides courses for recruiters that are highly engaging. It posts content that also aspires to a high standard. It churns out new articles at breakneck speeds, and you will find engaging new content weekly.

Juice covers a variety of topics, but its main topic is tech and social media. Both of those categories are essential to modern recruitment for jobs.

Staffing Talk

The Staffing Talk strategy is to combine HR-specific news with stories from staffers doing their jobs. The combination of news and lighter stories from across various HR categories gives you more options when you want information without thinking too hard. Staffing Talk is not like any other publication we’ve mentioned before now.

Closing Thoughts

When your job is to get talented individuals to sign on the dotted line of an employment contract, you want access to as much reliable recruiting information as possible. One of the hottest trends in the recruiting field is to turn to online resources for information in various categories. The resources here are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to HR related information.

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