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The best places to post jobs to supercharge recruitment

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Recruiting and training new employees eats up valuable resources. It’s important to hire the right people from the start, and that requires a good selection of candidates. If you’re not receiving quality applications, it might be because you’re advertising in the wrong places.

What to Look for in a Job Posting Site

The best job posting site for one company may not be the best for another. In fact, the best place might even depend on the specific position you’re advertising.

When deciding where to post, you need to know what you want from the job posting website.

  • What kind of jobs do you need to fill? If you’re looking for entry-level workers, a general job board may work well for you, but if you’re looking for experienced C-suite or highly specialized workers, you may need to adjust your approach.
  • What is your budget? Some sites charge employers. A large business may be fine with these costs, but a startup operating on a shoestring budget may need to be more cost-conscious.
  • Where is the position? If you’re hiring for a position in a small town in Texas, you probably don’t want to advertise in New York – unless you’re willing to pay to relocate the right candidate. On the other hand, if you have a remote position, you might want to look far and wide, including internationally, to increase the chance of finding the ideal candidate.

Sites with Lots of Job Seekers

If your goal is to receive as many candidates as possible, you need to post on a job board with a wide audience. The following job boards should help your ad receive attention:

  • CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder says it helps employers reach more than 80 million U.S. job seekers annually. The site uses AI and data to provide insights into ideal candidates and help employers get noticed.
  • Indeed: Indeed says it has more than 63.4 million monthly users as of February 2023. The site presents you with applicants who meet your requirements, and you can save applicants you’re interested in. The site also lets you send messages to candidates and conduct virtual interviews. The candidates you’re not interested in will receive an automatic rejection.
  • Monster: Monster provides three different packages to meet employer needs. In addition to posting on the job board, Monster will send your ad to job seekers who are looking for positions that match the one you posted.
  • ZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter has options for small and midsize businesses as well as for enterprise businesses. When you post a job using ZipRecruiter, it is published on more than 100 job sites. The program also helps you manage and rate candidates.

Free Job Posting Sites

The cost to post jobs depends on the job board. Some have both free and paid versions. Many paid options offer free trials for you to decide if the service meets your needs before you commit to a payment.

If you’re operating on a limited budget and want the best free job posting site, the following have free options that may interest you:

  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor for Employers offers a free package that provides basic employer profile analytics and lets you review requests and responses. If you want branded content, competitive benchmarking and advanced insights, you’ll need the paid version.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular social media platform for professionals and can be a good place to post jobs for free. LinkedIn says 52 million job seekers visit LinkedIn Jobs every week. You can also pay to promote your job.
  • SimplyHired: SimplyHired lets employers post free job ads on Indeed. It offers tools for screening and managing candidates. Plus, you can sponsor a position to increase its visibility.

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Niche Job Posting Sites

If you’re looking for candidates with specific qualifications, a general job board might not be appropriate. The following job sites focus on more specific niches:

  • ClearanceJobs: If your position requires a security clearance, ClearanceJobs can help you avoid wasting time on candidates who won’t qualify. Candidates on the site are pre-screened, including for top secret and TS/SCI polygraph positions.
  • The Ladders: The Ladders specializes in positions that pay at least $100,000 in the U.S. and Canada. If you’re looking for highly experienced and well-trained candidates, this may be a good option.
  • Dice: If you have a tech position to fill, Dice could be a good place to advertise it. Dice says it has 5.9 million members, 3 million visible profiles and 1.7 million visits from tech professionals every month.
  • Careerjet: If you’re looking for international workers, Careerjet might be a good option. Its search engine helps job seekers find positions in more than 90 countries. Plus, translations are available in 28 languages. Employers can post jobs to be featured in the top search results and in job alerts.
  • FlexJobs: If you’re looking to fill a remote, hybrid or flexible position, FlexJobs can help you connect with workers.

Your Own Website

So far, this list of the best places to post your job ads has focused on third-party job boards. However, there’s another resource your company should leverage when looking for job candidates: your own website.

Although the job section on your website might not receive the same amount of traffic as a large job board, it does come with a major advantage: the people looking at the job postings on your website are specifically searching for jobs with your company. This means they’re already familiar with your company and are interested in joining your team. This can increase the odds that an applicant will accept an offer.

Your Social Media Feed

Your social media accounts are another great place to post job listings. This is a good way to put your job ad in front of people who follow your company but aren’t actively checking your website for new job listings. You can also use hashtags to widen your reach and get more eyes on your post.

Use whichever social media platforms your company is active on. LinkedIn is known for professional networking, making it a great option, but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms may be worth considering, too.

There’s More to Successful Recruiting Than Job Posts

Knowing the best places to post job ads is only part of the recruitment puzzle – you also need to create a job listing that attracts high-quality job seekers. New pay transparency laws and expectations mean you need to provide appealing details about pay and benefits. Higginbotham can help you create an attractive employee benefits package and streamline your HR services, including hiring and onboarding. Talk to a specialist today.

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