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Home Blog Do I need to keep my insurance during the off-season?

Do I need to keep my insurance during the off-season?

Now’s the time to enjoy some amazing winter excursions. Each year we’re asked by many of our customers about the possibility to cancel your insurance policies on their summer toys like motorcycles, RVs, boats and ATVs. While you may not be using these alternative vehicles during cold weather months, your vehicles can still be damaged, and an insurance claim would need to be made to your insurer. If you cancelled your insurance policy, you may be forced to pay for repairs or replacements out-of-pocket. During the cooler months while your toys are parked, events can still occur – like damage or theft – that might get expensive without a valid insurance policy.

Types of Claims That Could Occur During the Off-Season

Comprehensive insurance claims: Even though your vehicles are secured, theft or vandalism can still occur at any time. Having to pay out-of-pocket to repaint, repair or replace your toy could put a serious strain on your finances. Catastrophic events like floods or fires can occur during the off-season. If your comprehensive insurance policy is not in effect, you may be responsible to pay to replace your toys without assistance from your insurance carrier.

Liability insurance claims: Accidents can happen at any time, even if your vehicle is secure. During a party at your home, someone thinks it would be great to take a picture on your Harley. They hop on and fall over, damaging both your bike and themselves. Even if you did not give them permission to do so, you may be legally responsible for their injuries. Without a liability insurance policy in effect, you may be responsible to pay for the injured party’s medical bills and recovery costs.

Additional claims scenarios:

  • A blustery storm knocks over a tree, and it falls on your parked camper (comprehensive claim).
  • A hail storm damages your vehicle (comprehensive claim).
  • Your garage catches fire and burns your motorcycle, boat or ATV inside (not home insurance, comprehensive claim for the vehicle).
  • Your RV or boat is parked in an off-season boat/RV storage facility and is damaged when an unknown party backs their vehicle into it and they don’t leave their information.
  • A thief vandalizes your vehicle looking for valuable items.

These are just a few of the many claims that can occur in the off-season. Some insurers understand that these vehicles are not used year-round and the premiums reflect the high and the low season.

Keeping your motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, ATV insurance or boat insurance in effect during the off-season may not only save your from costly out-of-pocket repairs or medical payments, keeping a year-round policy may also save you money on your policy premium. Ask your insurance agent today about the benefits of keeping a comprehensive and liability insurance policy on your toys all year.

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